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The Ostranenie Theatre (or TOT to save the mouthful!) is an independent moving image arts event, exhibiting video works from artists based all over the globe. It was developed by artist and curator Anna Stevens back in 2021 and continues to be a self-funded, one-woman project. 


The format is a cross between cinema viewing and arts exhibition, with all short video curated into a showreel, allowing an audience to immerse into the works one-by-one. Each piece contains something a little different, with some works taking the form of animations, others short narrative films, even recorded performative artworks, and all based around the broad subject. Ostranenie is the artistic technique of presenting to audiences common things in an unfamiliar or strange way so they could gain new perspectives and see the world differently. We aim to showcase lesser-known artists who hold a diverse range of influences and perspectives, so that we may learn a little from each other as artists and audiences. 


We strongly believe in breaking down the gate-keeping of art by the wealthy and powerful. This is why we don't charge our artists fees to submit work, why we provide a pay-what-you-can system for our audiences and why this year we're supporting the awesome Manchester-based charity 42nd Street, who you can find out more about here:


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