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Wax Fingers & It Girl

It's time to start adapting to home life in these strange times, so the studio has been set up in the flat! I'm trying to treat this an exciting new opportunity to concentrate my efforts fully on my work (and giving the flat a little TLC) and to really test my creativity and resourcefulness (especially on a budget of nearly nothing that work is no more!). I've started messing around with silicone moulds and wax, using a silicone mould I made a while ago of my finger and thumb and never put to use, and using the unusable ends of old candles around the house for wax to fill the moulds with. Since I've been meaning to play with wax for a while, this was a fun little starting experiment. However, don't try melting wax in a non microwaveable container in a microwave! I'm pleased with how well

Ivana Basic
Ivana Basic

the detail was picked up, and am hopeful for future waxy experiments! Maybe I should play with the melting ability of the wax, make something that can be affected by differing conditions. This reminds me of Ivana Basic's wax sculptures. Maybe make something out of plaster or clay, silicone mould it, and then fill with wax? Or just carve into wax? Better find some more old candles...

Next up, I found some old mod roc that's been lying around waiting to be used to make a new sculptural experimental piece. I wanted to make something that hangs over something, that needs support, lifeless and limp, also a little like Ivana Basic's work. But I also wanted to strike the balance between abject and absurd (as discussed last week) and play with those more theatrical scene-like aspects. So using the plaster sheets over a wire mesh structure, I made a hanging blob body, painted with acrylics to have a flesy veiny surface. I hung this over a tube that I made into a sort of

cabaret, theatre, circus production swing, where the leading lady might sit as she enters the stage from above. I also added fabric as curtains, again to play on the idea of a theatre scene. The actor that is elegantly lowered to the stage on a moon or a swing is supposed to be beautiful and full of sexuality and life. However, I've played against that by making a fleshy abject lifeless mass take on the roll. I also played with the idea of the 'it girl' by using different coloured lighting, again as if on stage, but also like an Andy Warhol esque depiction, referencing his images of Marilyn Monroe. I was thinking of maybe pushing this further and actually doing prints of the images I've got of the sculpture. Whilst I don't have screen printing available, I could try playing with lino print, using multiple blocks for different layers.

I was also thinking that maybe there is a way to adapt to this social distancing situation in terms of crit, maybe I could invite people online (using Instagram maybe) to take short surveys on my work, or encourage people to leave feedback in the comments, maybe even conduct online crits with my peers.


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