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Under the Desk Ep.3 'Mutant Bodies'

Welcome back for episode 3 of ‘Under the Desk’, where I shall discuss and exhibit my next short film, ‘Mutant Bodies’, in a format adapted to lockdown. This film takes the format of a slideshow reel, with the traditional clicking sound of the slides changing replaced with chewing noises, which becomes a bit of a theme in my work and I shall examine more in next week’s episode. The photographs taken were an attempt to start combining my own body more with my work and themes, exploring my relationship with the contexts of the body as meat. I used fleshy sculptures made from wire and clay, which you will see reappear in later work. They adopt the ambiguity that is key to Julia Kristeva’s definition of the abject, being like strange, synthetic lumps of flesh. The aim was to blur the boundaries between artist and artwork, object and abject, and organic and man-made, by confusing the similarities of the sculptures and my own body. The images were taken using a fisheye lense, which was inspired by the surreal fashion photographer Tim Walker, to distort the body and create bulging areas of skin and exaggerating the intimate relationship between clay and skin. I started to play with sexuality a little to allude to attraction and repulsion, with some of the shots being more lude and others having a gentle sensuality, which when paired with the sound, becomes a confusing mixture. As Georges Bataille said: “extreme seductiveness is at the boundary of horror”. This was a more experimental piece rather than an outcome, but I was surprised at how it changed my relationship between my body and my artwork and to be honest, was a bit of a giggle to make! So enjoy this following clip filmed in my new project space: under the desk. And join me for next week’s video on Tuesday 2nd June! Thank you for watching.


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