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'Under the Desk' Ep.1 | Starting Off

Welcome to ‘Under the Desk’, the virtual film viewing experience adapted to the lockdown, so if you're hiding under your desk in this time of absurdity, join me for a little relief and a run through the film section of my portfolio. To start off this online viewings series, I would like to start with my first ever short film piece, although not the slickest piece of work (but don’t expect that to get any better as the series continues), it is a nice starting point to see how my ideas have moved on since my foundation year, which makes this filmed about 2 and a half years ago! This piece was all about the cleansing of vanity, of removing your exterior fictional, exaggerated or altered identity that we display to the world. In a way this is the first I really connected with my contexts on an intimate level and explored them using my own body and experience, which is something that I wish to push forward in my current work. I believe that you should practice what you preach in your art. It's great to depict a belief or idea, but to truly immerse yourself and your body into the conversation you are trying to create in the world adds to the relationship of artist, art and audience, where artist and art becomes one. The animation for this piece was more of an experimental idea, and ironically it covers the body more rather than actually removing that which is hiding the true form, so in this sense the piece didn’t really work. I think I was aiming for white as a symbol of purity, but anyone who knows me or my art knows that purity is hardly something that I believe in. In a way this work almost unintentionally serves as a precursor to my more current themes, such as removing ego to display that we are just bodies in a meaningless world, we are just purposeless meat, exhibiting the absurdity in and around our existences. The sound of water is paired with the visuals to further signify the idea of cleansing, which again is horrifically cliche, it’s funny how it doesn’t take long before you look back on your work and realise its a bit crap. And whilst I spoke about cleansing of vanity, this piece comes across as extremely exhibitionist, it lacks any sense of raw energy once edited. This piece may have benefitted from occurring in front of a live audience as a performance, or maybe from not happening at all! However, sometimes it’s nice to see the development of ideas in your work, going from being extremely unsure of your interests to finding yourself and your art. So thank you for joining me for the first ever ‘Under the Desk’ viewing and enjoy the film! See you Tuesday 19th (which is this time next week). Don’t forget you can catch these and my other work on Instagram, Youtube and my website.


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