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The second omelette

Using the same eggs from the previous experiment, I decided to smash them up more, throw them around and smash them into the floor. I then displayed them on the wall in a line.

I don't feel like this outcome is particularly interesting as it doesn't develop the previous work/ideas any further, it's just a different way of displaying the outcome which doesn't actually reflect or document the process. By having them on the wall like this they almost become more like traditional pieces of art in a linear order in a gallery space, giving them more importance than they actually have, which is something I actually quite like about them because it is a bit silly, but it also becomes very matter-of-fact and clinical, which I think takes away the emotion behind it. It almost feels like a crime scene, with pieces of evidence being displayed after a chaotic scene has occurred. Whilst I think this works within it's own right, this is not what I am aiming for with my work and I do not feel it portrays what I want it to.

So where next?

I would like to test the ideas of suspense that I was working with in the previous experiments further and also play with shadow in my work to almost create a larger, more immersive piece out of small eggs, adding weight and importance to them. I hope that this will add an element of drama to the work and really show the emotion and context of the female role further and more deeply.


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