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Scrambling My Brains Over Eggs

For this experiment, I was attempting to create the illusion of the eggs being suspended in space, by using see-through thread in a web formation, with a similar structure to the previous webs I was making. I then tried to tuck the eggs between the taught thread, like an egg in a nest. However, this proved to be more difficult than I anticipated because the thread was so hard to see when creating the piece that I was basically trying to use the sense of touch to guide my way around the structure so as not to catch myself on other pieces of thread in the web and to feel if the thread needed reattaching or attaching in different places. This became a very aggravating and nearly impossible task. In the end I gave up. Although I had planned to make a large structure with lots of eggs, I could only just about get these three eggs to stay in their position and in the process I did break a few.

Although I was unable to see the thread when making the piece, as soon as I tried to create shadows with a phone torch and the eggs, the thread was visible, ruining the illusion of the eggs being suspended in air, essentially defeating the point of the experiment.

In conclusion, I found that this was not the way to go about suspended the eggs and I'll have to re-think the process. I also need to play with the lighting further so I can find the best way to make the most dramatic shadows.


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