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Starting a new academic year

Experimental video of image of pig carcass moving across black space, comparing our bodies to that of an animal/meat and how we move through our existences, and the nothingness of the universe, with no real purpose. Our bodies travelling through the void.

Informed by the previous video, this piece was again just a quick experimental video playing with meat travelling through space but this time in the setting of our world, connecting it more closely to human existence. The whilsting sound added over the top creates a casual and slightly comical personality to the moving meat, and also links again to humans.

I created these collages (above) using my own family photos to discuss my contexts in a more personal way. The idea of human bodies just being over-glorified meat is now linked to my own identity rather than feeling like an abstract discussion of something other. These collages were partly inspired by John Baldessari's series of appropriated images with coloured dots covering featured peoples' faces, such as Stonehenge (With Two Persons) (2005) (left). I liked the absurd playfulness of it, as well as this simple act removing the identity of the people, almost becoming a complete equalizer, as if none of them are important.

The photographic piece above is made partly in reponse to the idea of using my own body more to connect myself and my identity to my contexts, and also partly inspired by the work of Pinar Yolacan (left), who has plays with the 'imperfect' female body and meat, using ophal as clothing. It also continued with the ideas played upon in the collages with covering the face with meat, removing identity, and showing the human body/existence as being just meat (unimportant and purposeless). However, I played with the idea of high fashion with it a little too, which I'm not sure was actually necessary as I'm not sure it really added much to it. I also liked the silliness of covering the face but not the body (the opposite to what was consider normal). However, one of the things that I feel was a definite failure of the piece is that the editting was a bit crap, and rather than editting it I should have just prepared a better background so I didn't have to edit it out.

This video above takes from the previous ideas discussed and progresses directly from the collage images. It came about after looking more into the ideas around sense of self and how we view ourselves through others and the mirror phase (Jean-Paul Satre, Sigmund Freud, Julia Kristeva). I wanted to play with the absurdity of this character 'Meat Head' not having any purpose in life (because none of us do) but still reflecting upon themself. I think it also brings about imagary close to Joseph Kosuth's 'One and Three Chairs', almost a 'One and Three Meat Heads'. I think I would like to push playing with sense of self further in my furture work. This video and the one below take some inspiration from works by Paul McCarthy, with it's comical abjectedness.

These two videos are part of the same piece, I would like to play with presenting them together side by side, or in sequence, one after the other, as if all one video. I'm not sure if the first video is actually necessary either. I made it so as to explore my journey through these key materials in my practice: latex, liquid latex, inks, tights, paint and meat - all of which I have used to create work over the last two years. The meat shows that I would like to use real meat (rather than representations of it) more in my work, so as to really explicitly show that the discussion is around meat. I liked the weird cannibalistic strangeness of Meat Head preparing and eating meat, however, I think it would be interesting if Meat Head were actually able to consume it, blurring the boundaries of the body, the exterior becoming interior.


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