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On the way to an outcome

We're getting closer to the Bargehouse show and 'Gluttonous Dramas of Cannibal Excess' is slowly coming together. So far I've continued my themes of ambiguity, abjection and dead meat with these fleshy sculptures, hanging on chains like and hooks as if ready for the butcher's shop, adding that industrial contrast to the bodily structures. I've made it about half way through and I am on track (but maybe a little pushed!) to finish all ten objects for the show. I have tried to play with their forms, making some resemble chunks of meat or the

silhouette of a carcass slightly, and some hanging over a looped chain, as if limp and lifelessly depending on it for support. I am pleased to have been able to include these ideas in this piece as I have been thinking about this for a while, and find the variation more interesting to look at. However, maybe it could have been interesting to have all the sculptures the same, pushing their lack of individuality even further, resembling humans. Ideally, it would be nice to make more than ten sculptures, to really exaggerate the these ideas, nevertheless, I don't think that is realistic in the time frame and also in my budget as the super sculpey clay that I'm using is fairly expensive and I've found that I'm using a full pack or more per sculpture. After this piece is installed, I think it would be good to experiment with other materials so that I can find a cheaper alternative and play with different properties.

Also this week in development of the Bargehouse work, I have filmed and editted the auto-cannibalism video to be projected over the top of the sculptures. I'm pleased with the outcome, as it is far easier to see what is going on in the video and I think less clothing is more affective to allow for more areas of 'skin' to be 'eaten'.

To watch the video please follow the link below:

The only thing that I am concerned about is the fact that I am still wearing a bra in the video, which could have more sexual or feminine connotations than planned, maybe this is something to re-think for future outcomes. I do think the imagery and chewing sound pairs nicely together as it really directs the focus towards the idea of foodstuff and meat, rather than those potential sexual ideas. Maybe the sexuality of the piece is a good thing, the idea of attraction versus repulsion, with the imagery potentially having a sexual element but being taken to a place of disgust with the graphic sounds, making it ultimately more abject.


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