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Moving Forward and Through

Over the span of the summer months I have been contemplating nhilistic ideas about life and our own importance, or rather lack thereof. Looking back at the work I was creating in the spring, I have really reflected on the digestive, body-like, meat-like qualities that I was working with and making. These elements combined with the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzch have made me think about a change in direction in my work, or prehaps the thoughts about the objects I was creating. The idea of the materiality of items contained within the cocoon-like sacks has become irrelevant; it is not what the audience noticed during our London exhibition, but instead the grossness, the appearance of hanging meat and ideas of digestion became important and popular readings. So rather than change my work to fit ideas that I have become disinterested in, I want to emphasise the bits of these pieces that envoke ideas of the body. Which can also reflect a view of existential nhilism, this idea that we have no importance in life, there is no purpose and our existance is not by design. By creating digestive, body-like, meaty pieces, I want to show that this is all we are. I want to remove this romanticised perception of our bodies and lives, to just one long tube (the digestive system), which is all we are and would not exist if we did not have it.

Now all I have to do is get creating, experiment with these ideas to see how this will all work in form.


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