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In a Tight Spot

I have to decided to broaden my material use beyond eggs and string, so for this piece I experimented with tights, as I felt that this continued with my early ideas of drawing in space (as I did with the web structures). I was able to manipulate them into different angles, positions and directions using see-through thread attached to the surrounding walls. It warped and formed in mid-air in the studio space.

When taking photos to document the outcome, I was interested in how the light came through the fabric, really allowing you to see how it twists and overlaps over itself. Maybe this is something that I could experiment with further, especially as I have noticed an ongoing theme of light and shadow in my work, which I have never truly resolved on considered enough to develop on.

The whole piece feels light, again something which seems to continue to reoccur in my work.

There is an illusion of the piece holding itself or floating in the space, giving it a surreal and alien quality.

I think the material itself is considered feminine, with its use stockings and tights. The colour gives the piece a skin-like appearance, almost as if it wants to be touched. Yet the points and spikes in the structure almost seem to be defending the piece from human hands.

I am undecided where to go next with this, but I think it brings about more nostalgic ideas that I was playing with earlier in the project and which I'm also not going to abandon. I think the scale of the work could go larger, really filling a space, present without dominating, almost as if it has a mother energy, gentle, caring, but always looming.


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