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Hanging Around: An Eggsperiment

My work seems to be moving in new directions. Whilst I haven't abandoned the work that I've been doing, this is something different that I am enjoying doing and feel has a lot of potential to work with.

The piece consists of 8 hollowed out eggs hanging on string. The ideas I'm working with are suspense, fragility and domesticity, with the eggs being a domestic subject but the fragility of the egg showing the frightening process of moving out. Whilst I would have liked to have done this with eggs that weren't empty, it became a difficult process to try and get them to stay hanging as they were heavier and would often leak. Also I feel like these still worked well in creating an illusion. I think it would have also been beneficial to the work to have had clear plastic thread so as to create the illusion that they are suspended by themselves, pushing the danger of them dropping that step further. Something about them seems almost like a baby's hanging mobile, giving further ideas of home, family, birth and fragility. For this reason I think the piece works even better to put forward some of the ideas I've been thinking about than the previous work I've been producing.

But where next?

Whilst I was creating this in the studio, my peers commented on how they had the urge to break the eggs. I think this would be an interesting experiment, so maybe this is something I could look into next.


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