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Grandmother's Web

This piece is a development on from the last bit of work I did. It incorporates the tights but also the web structure from earlier work. I feel that this piece of work has a more feminine energy than the webs I was previously making, getting the piece slightly closer to portraying my current interests in the 'female role'. It has both the softness and smoothness juxtaposed against spikiness and the sense of something being trapped.

Although the piece is a wall piece, it does reach out of it's space across the room, with a piece of thread that protrudes from the web, almost as if it intends to stretch out further to take more space.

Whilst the material qualities of the piece are quite interesting, I don't think it achieves much in getting a point across. It lacks any dominance or inhabitation of the space, it just seems to exist there. I think there needs to be a more clear direction in the work to be able to create a good dialogue with an audience.


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