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Gluttonous Dramas of Cannibal Excess, Bargehouse, OXO

Photographic documentation of 'Gluttonous Dramas of Cannibal Excess' installation at the 'Inertia for Superior Souls' Exhibition, London

To view footage of the piece as shown in the 'Inertia for Superior Souls' exhibition (Barghouse, OXO Wharf, London), then please use the following link:

What a busy week it's been already! Making sure everything is ready for the show, finishing off those fine details, double checking that everything is packaged safely and that's all before the big install. I was pleased with how the install went, although these things take time, I found myself to be well prepared and had plenty of time to help set up other parts of the show. The building was even better than I had imagined, and the industrial, abandoned

atmosphere really added something to my piece, it felt like it really belonged there, as if it had found it's home. Even the railings that I put up to hang the sculptures off blended into the scene. The mish-mash of decaying paint jobs that had occured over the years made the walls perfect to show the film over, helping to blend the edible paper into my skin, resulting in the appear of the 'auto-cannibalism' looking nearly real. The chewing sounds that accompanied the work filled the long room, even echoing down multiple flights of stairs, so you could hear the piece before you could even see it. I managed to nearly fill the wall with the installation, meaning that the video really has a large and demanding pressence, fit for it's dominating sound. I was also pleased with how the sculptures managed to fit into the arches in the wall space, almost as if they were being framed, which is something I was also pleased about in my last crit work, so I'm glad to be able to carry on with the theme and use the setting to my advantage.

The audience reaction and feedback that I recieved was all positive, or rather, a lot of people were disgusted, with the sound making the most impact, which was the intention. I'm worried that maybe this also stopped people from dwelling over the piece and interpreting it further than the initial emotion though.

In hind-sight the use of the bra in the video was equally a help and a hinderence. It provided a tinge of sexual tone which I think was both positive and negative, adding extra layers of interpretation and increasingly the attractive-versus-repulsive abjection. However, I wonder if it's stark contrast from the rest of the image maybe distracts the eye and dominates the image. If I were to do this again, I would either perform completely naked for the video or I would choose a bra that blends in a little more.

Going forward, I think it would be good to experiment/use sound more in my work as there was such a good reaction to this. I would also like to experiment with new materials for sculpting and object-making as I feel slightly fed up with the sculpey. I also need to consider pushing the absurd further in my work to make a more explicit case.

To finish off this week's entry, I was like to reference my favourite quote that really inspired this piece and my current thought processes:

"we are meat, we are potential carcasses" - Francis Bacon


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