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Domestic Dissatisfaction

This week we have had our termly all year crit. I decided to include a product of destruction, a tight leg stuffed with kitchen objects and smashed around, to be strung up on a washing line. In the background there are stills of this process taking place.

I was happy to see that during the crit my peers seemed to really get what I was trying to do. They stated that it conjured feelings of sadness, pain and anger, but equally they found it quite comical, which is exactly the reaction that I was looking for. They also commented on their understanding of the domestic and the feminine in the work.

However, it was also said that some thought it was too politely displayed with all the photos being neatly laid out and the washing like being put at an expected angle.

Upon reflection, I am not actually sure whether or not I do need to include the images as the piece already seems somewhat self explanatory.

Overall, I feel that this is one of the more well-rounded pieces that I have created this year.


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