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Developing Towards the London Show

So far I have managed to get all the tights stuffed and beaten up for the London Show, with each tight containing a different element of stereotypical femininity (e.g. cooking, cleaning, sexuality, etc.), as if I were exorcising each object, taking my anger out on it and displaying the evidence. However, I am worried that the various topics may over-complicate the piece. I don't want to just gently brush over lots of large topics without fully considering them as it would feel like I am doing them an injustice. Maybe it is worth having just the ones that relate to the domestic environment?

The other problem is the material. Whilst the tights work, they are a little cliche. I need to experiment further with different materials to see what will work best. Perhaps spandex or latex? Something tacky, fleshy and a little grim.

And of course, how will it be displayed? I've been working with ideas of a grid system to connect them in terms of theme, but I also want to work with the space a little more. I think it will be a case of trying multiple ideas out when I'm actually installing the work.


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