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Crit Piece: Home from Home

For the all year crit, I decided to carry on with the ideas that I spoke about in my last post. I felt that the overall process and look of the piece were something I wanted to stick with, however, I adopted the idea of placing ready-made objects into my work.

The structure really felt like it was growing out of a corner, as though it would keep doing so, which I think was relevant because it showed that whilst movements in my life have been made, there are many more to come and so it's as if the piece hasn't yet reached its final conclusion.

However, is this a good thing? From an audience's point of view would that be almost unsatisfying? Would that matter or would it add to the piece? This is something that I should think more about and develop on in future works.

The objects become entangled in the piece, supported and trapped at the same time. Yet I don't think I want them to feel like they are trapped, but more homed within the structure, so for this aspect also, I don't think the work is fully resolved.

While the lights seemed to be effective within the cup, snuggled up safe inside it, the lights around the photo just appeared random and unplanned, which (in truth) is correct. This is definitely an aspect of the work that could have used lots more planning. The image inside is taken from a Klimt painting, a mother cradling her child, which produces the idea of fondness of home and family, with nostalgic, gentle and harmonious tones. However, could this be considered as an over-romanticised version of home? Although this applies well to me, does it work in the greater context of family relations? However, if it is personal to my own experiences, should it matter whether or not it works in a greater context? This is something that I should strive to find a balance for, making it simultaneously personal and relatable to an audience.

Whilst the colour of the lights is warming, it's quite clear that they haven't been chosen because of their colour and I don't feel that the colour reflects anything. So I think it's best that I rethink the lights and their relevance to the piece as a whole.

So where do I go next?

I feel like this work either needs to be expanded to a larger scale, perhaps covering a room, so the audience can experience it from the inside. Or work with something new, perhaps collage, as if taking it back to it's origins - no longer a drawing in space, but a 2D piece. I could carry on with the use of objects, maybe connecting them with the web structure, but I feel like this is something that has already been used and I don't feel a specific passion towards the idea.

So it's back to the drawing board!


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