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Cannibal Kinda Week

This week I've been playing with some photography work, something which I don't feel I have explored much other than for documentation of sculptural pieces. I wanted to expand further on my cannibalism context, perhaps trying to push it more explicitly.

I started with the idea of using my soft sculpture latex tubes on a dinner plate, as if ready to be eaten. Although the tubes could conjure images of any type of meat, I think this could be directed by giving it an appropraite title, such as 'Cannibal's Dinner Plate' (but not that coz that's just crap), and the alienness of the synthetic meat makes you question the picture I little more. I played with variations of layout, creating neatly stacked set ups on the plate, using just a single piece of 'bloody meat' or overloading the plate to the point where the tubes are nearly falling off. I like the idea of the overflowing sculptures, showing that

whoever the anonymous character is that will tuck into the feast, will be completely indulging in this gluttonous food-body experience. However, there is also something rather more sinister about a single piece of meat on a plate, and I can't quite put my finger on why this is. By having the latex on a plate, I feel this more overtly discusses the action of eating, of

something going into a body, keeping up with the ideas of bodily inception blurring the boundaries of insides and outsides. Whilst this could be interesting as 2D piece, I also think it would be interesting as an object, on a plinth or table, with nothing else in the space,

'The Dinner Party', Judy Chicago
'The Dinner Party', Judy Chicago

attention only on this, as I feel it would create more questions, be more intreguing and also create a rather digusting smell from the stale and moulding wet latex, bombarding the senses and making a more immersive experience. However, I also like that with an image it is as if there is an off-screen character that will eat it and you begin to ask questions about them. This piece slightly reminds me of a section of Judy Chicago's 'The Dinner Party', with all of its weird and wonderful plates tributed to female icons.

Another photo piece that I worked on this week was a called 'There is something in your teeth', which I think adds a little sinister humour to the work. The image is a self-portrait using edible colouring. However, I would also like to play with the idea of the person being anonymous, a character that is built up in the audience's head. This is what I hoped to achieve by focusing in on the mouth, but I also wanted to make it obvious that the mouth is what should be focused on. The fake blood suggests eating something raw, which isn't particularly common when eating meat, so it seems to reference something more sinister, again demanding more of the audiences' imagination. This is very much a developmental piece but it was fun to play with, whether I'll take it much further I don't know.


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