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All Year Crit Installation

This week has been all about putting together a more resolved piece of work for our all year crit show so as to get some good feedback and push the ideas forward, which is something I think I need as I'm starting to get into a bit of a rut! I went for a small installation piece, with three artificial fleshy meat-like sculptures, prints of my latex tubes on vinyl, and one of the video edits of the 'Auto-Cannibalism' performance I did last week. The aim was to create a more immersive piece and test out using sculpture and image to push my contexts. I wanted to mix the imagery of slaughterhouse hanging meat with the auto-cannibalism to hopefully create more a connection between the two and suggest that the meat could be human.

To view video footage of this piece please use this link:

I wanted to show work at different heights so as to utilise the space and create a more immersive work like that of Tai Shani's for the Turner Prize,

Tai Shani @ Turner Prize, Margate
Tai Shani @ Turner Prize, Margate

which incorporated sound, sculptural installation and video work. I also wanted to make use of the characteristics of the space, using the metal railings to hang the sculptures off to add a more industrial feel other than just the metal chains they were hanging from, to allude more closely to the slaughterhouse context. The sections of the railings also framed the work nicely, adding to that synthetic artwork feel. The screen was on the floor to help add to these multiple heights of the work, but I think in hindsight it may have been good to have it up on the wall or projected larger, maybe even have multiple screens playing the videos, just to create a larger, more immersive piece. By having it on the ground it was almost missed, and maybe having it closer to eye level would make it more noticeable. The screen was also too small to see the image properly and understand fully what was going on, which is quite important to the work, so if I had been able to get a larger one at the time this would have been different. Like Tai Shani's work, maybe it would be interesting to incorporate other senses into the work to really fill the space and engage an audience into this cannibalistic, fleshy world that I'm trying to create. For example, maybe testing smell or sound would be interesting, the smell of dead things. The vinyl prints were also not enough, if I had had more time and money, I think it would have been fun to fill the whole floor and walls with these images to completely overwhelm, otherwise they feel like a bit of an afterthought. Whilst this idea wasn't as developed as I would have liked, I feel like it was a good starting point in making something bigger and better.

In terms of the feedback given by others, it was fairly in line with my own critique on the work. However, it was good to see that my peers thought it was raw, bodily and had an immediate pressence. They felt that the sculptures were the strongest bit of the work, which I agree with, and will definitely continue using in future work. One suggestion to balance the height of the work would be to have a seating area for the audience to view the work as intended, which I liked the idea of, adding a sort of theatrical and voyeuristic element. The general feeling was that the work could be far more intrusive, which is something I shall be working on from now on.


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